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Where Can I Purchase Mother Earth Tobacco?

Visit our Retailers page to learn where you can buy Mother Earth Ceremonial Tobacco products.


Our Products

We offer Ceremonial Tobacco in UNIT 'A' or 'B' and in individual hexagon packages.

13 Gram Package13 Gram Package

13 Gram Package13 Gram Package

36 Gram Package

UNIT A = 4 Hexagon Packages
UNIT B = 50 Gram Rectangular Package

Note that our package is made from 100% recycled paper product. At Mother Earth Tobacco, we manufacture your Ceremonial Tobacco by hand.

Certified Organic Tobacco Leaves

Mother Earth Tobacco uses only certified organic tobacco leaves. The leaf is manufactured into Ceremonial Tobacco without additives, and without preservatives.

Certified Organic Tobacco Leaves

Depending on the certifying body, to be "Certified Organic" means that the tobacco must undergo extensive testing criteria. For example, the land must be free of pesticides and chemicals for at least three years prior to the first sowing date. Further, the farmer must grow tobacco without the use of pesticides or chemicals. Fertilizers used on the product and field must be natural. Farmers’ crops need to be rotated regularly so as to avoid depleting soil nutrition.

Click Here to learn more about Organic Farming and the benefits of this earth-friendly process.


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